NORCOLA COMPANY LIMITED, founded in 1982, was originally part of a Hong Hong local CPA firm, which mainly provided company secretarial services to CPA’s clients. Most of them were small and medium local private enterprises (SMEs)

After over 30 years of effort, our business has been growing gradually, and has clients all over the provinces and major cities of China, as well as other Asian countries and Europe.  Many of which are multi-national enterprises.

In the era of the 20th century, we have stepped forward to provide services to clients of different CPA firms instead of only one single CPA firm. In order to meet clients’ needs, our services coverage has been expanded to diversified business affairs and personal services.

In 2008, NORCOLA COMPANY LIMITED joined BM Intelligence Group.  With the close connection and cooperation with the group members of different districts and professions, our network has been improved to enable us to provide more comprehensive professional services to meet clients individual needs, and to facilitate their business development efficiently.


WHY CHOOSE Norcola company limited

NORCOLA COMPANY LIMITED provides our clients with a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services.  Our experienced and qualified professional team is fully conversant with the requirements of the company law in Hong Kong and other key offshore jurisdictions.  Our aim is to provide our clients with the best professional services in a timely and efficient manner and to handle clients’ affairs with absolute discretion and in the strictest confidence.

We aim to provide one-stop professional services including business start-up, maintenance, consulting, and corporate services to clients around the world. Furthermore, we endeavor to be our clients’ best enterprise consultant and business partner that driving and adding value to their business.

Today's business environment is ever-changing, complex, and highly competitive.  Businesses of all sizes need the professional supports to provide on-time and effective solutions to promote their business development.

NORCOLA COMPANY LIMITED fully understands the corporate needs and is able to deliver highly flexible, expert and tailor-made professional services to meet the different needs of all clients.  In addition to providing day-to-day business support, our specialized services are diversified that beyond your expectations.